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Meet Sean

Little Buddies owner, Sean, has been surrounded by dogs his whole life, starting at the age of five when he formed relationship with the neighbor’s Bird Dogs. His family has always had a dog (or two) in it, starting with Ranger and loving him for a lucky 18 years. When Sean moved to California from the Northeast, he adopted two brother-and-sister corgi-mix rescues and quickly fell in love. His commitment to his work shows with how he involves himself in each dog’s well-being. Sean is also certified in pet CPR and first aid.
Member of Pet Sitters Associates.


Meet James

Little Buddies co-owner, James, was raised with Gretchen, a gentle and loving Dachshund that lived an eventful 16 years. His family bred and showed champion Dalmatians starting with the first momma, Kelly, and later Obie and Casey, where James participated in all aspects of the process. It was clear he had a deep love and connection with animals from the beginning. He continued his love in the show ring, becoming a junior handler for the American Kennel Club, where he earned 8 major points showing three different Dalmatians. He has had his own cat named Miew, numerous fish, an African Ball Python named Simon, a turtle named Speedy, rats Nikki and George (and lots of little babies came from them!) and most recently adorable corgi mixes Frodo and Foxxy Love.


Meet Michelle

Michelle has always had a soft spot and love for our furry friends. Growing up on a farm to working at a boarding facility, she consistently found herself surrounded by animals. After working in the retail and health sector, she realized that she’s happiest when working one on one and decided animals were her passion and wanted to spend her time with dogs and cats alike. She then changed her career and decided to join the dog walking business. With her pups back home, she has so much love and attention to give each little buddy she encounters.
She also has leadership experience with boarding facilities and doggy daycare.


Meet Hillery

Growing up with fish, a salamander, a cat named Chevy and stubborn terriers taught Hillery how to love and care for all kinds of little buddies. Today, it's hard to find Hillery without Donald, her scruffy terrier and Little Buddies veteran. With a background in marketing, Hillery prefers the moments she spends with the furry or feathered kind, knowing corporate jargon isn't part of their vocabulary.


Meet Chris

As a San Diego native, Chris grew an early love for animals by taking trips to the local Zoo and Safari Park. He took his first step into animal care when he acquired a lifelong friend--his pet tortoise, Rammus. On his 18th birthday he adopted his first canine companion, Moose, and it ignited a passion for our furry friends. Since then he has welcomed a beagle-terrier named Lilly to the home and has pursued a career in Animal Care and Behavior. He has previously worked at a doggy daycare and boarding facility and is on track to be certified as a dog obedience trainer.


Meet Lindsay

From an early age, Lindsay has been an avid fan of animals. She grew up with cat and dog family members and learned of the special bond that forms between pets and their humans. She is currently the proud owner of a lop rabbit and a terrier. Being a teacher has, in many ways, prepared her to be an excellent dog walker and caretaker for all pets. Like children, animals have unique personalities and needs. Lindsay looks forward caring for your Little Buddy!

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